'You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies’ Psalm 23:5

God prepares a table before us.  It’s God’s expectation that we partake of what has been placed on this table.  Our life group has been reflecting on this verse.  Along with a conversation around ‘what is on the table?’, we also thought about what it would be like to get to heaven and then realise that there was a lot of stuff on the table that we didn't actually partake of.  This wasn’t to condemn, but to challenge us to make sure we actively possess all that God has provided for us.

Essentially, the table is furnished with everything that God has provided for us to enjoy, but let's just extract the blessings detailed in Psalm 23 as a start – leadership, guidance, protection, provision, rest, restoration, righteousness, freedom from fear, God’s presence, comfort, anointing, overflow, goodness, mercy and eternal security.

So often we think that others are in control of what we get out of life.  God has already prepared the table.  It's up to us to partake.  All our enemies can do is watch us eat!

Today, take time out to dine at God’s table.