“... Wild animals will say ‘Thank you!’ —the coyotes and the buzzards— Because I provided water in the desert, rivers through the sun-baked earth, Drinking water for the people I chose, the people I made especially for myself, a people custom-made to praise me.”

Isaiah 43:16-21 MSG

God sustains us; He is a living Father. When we are faced with an "impossible" circumstance, He provides.

Interestingly this passage refers to "wild animals"...animals that don't have a sense of identity or belonging - who don't have a place of grounding and security in their Father. Even they will recognise His provision and be thankful.

The passage goes on to explain that God chose us, including the "wild," He made us for His own enjoyment, to bring Him praise.

He created us differently- "custom/made to praise me" therefore we ought not to be afraid of difference. There is something about us all that brings our Father pleasure. Religion has made praise performance when in fact our very being and our uniqueness in itself brings praise to Him.