"For the LORD God is a sun and shield; the LORD bestows favour and honour." Psalm 84:11
Living in Northern Ireland we know what it is like to long for the sun! A warm sunny day can literally change a whole population's outlook. Everyone is outside, enjoying the outdoors! Our heads are up we're all smiling!
Here the Lord is described as being a sun and shield. As a sun he brings the warmth, the colour, the light, the fun and fulfilment into our lives. But as a shield he also protects from harm. He is all encompassing. Covering every part of our lives. Fulfilling each and every need and more than that inviting us to enjoy life!
As we read on we see how He bestows favour and honour.
Not because we have earnt it or deserve it but simply because that's who he is. He can not help but bless us because he only has good things to give. He treats us with honour because he can not act in any other manner. The more we can meditate on who he is and how He sees us, the more we realise that we have his awesome potential inside us, the more we will find our lives being overtaken with blessing!