“I believed, and so I spoke” 2 Cor 4:13

I often talk to myself. I used to be embarrassed about it whenever people would catch me on but now I don’t really care. I just tell them that it is the best conversation that I get! The Word says that we have creative power in our words - they have power over us for good or bad. Often whenever my feelings are leading me to a negative place I find myself speaking out all kinds of negativity and nonsense. When was the last time you played out an argument that you would have with someone?

I love to walk and God has often challenged me that I need to speak what He believes about me, and others, and not what I think based on my feelings at the time. If I truly believe that God is good then I speak it out. I may not feel like it but the creative power of my words being truth & faith filled is enough to lift my mood and focus me back to a place of life & peace.

Resist the power to give into you feelings and say just what you think. That may not be helpful. If you believe that God is good, loving & kind the say so. Out loud. Make sure you can hear it. It will change your day