‘…stand still and see this great thing the Lord will do before your eyes now…’            1 Samuel 12:16

I am, by nature, a doer, an organiser, a person who gets stuck into the middle of things and wants to sort it out.  I’m not so good at taking a step back and seeing the big picture.

Samuel describes himself as ‘old and grey’ when he says these words.  He has seen many things in his long life and with the benefit of that experience he takes this opportunity to remind the people of Israel how God has been faithful to them.  How God has rescued from seemingly impossible situations and has never forsaken them, even when they made bad choices.

They are now looking to their new king, Saul, for direction and leadership but are still worried about what lies ahead.

When we are busy with family, work church or are preoccupied by daily concerns, it’s hard to see the big picture.  That’s when it is good to take a step back, to stand still and take a moment to consider ‘what great thing the Lord will do’.  Be assured – God has more for you – great things – so during this week take some time to breathe, think and stand still.