"I will rain down bread from heaven for you." Exodus 16:5

Anyone who knows me, knows that I enjoy my food. In fact, I don't really travel at all without making sure that I have packed an appropriate meal for the journey. My kids have now become used to this and they even expect me to produce sandwiches every time we are at the park. So you can understand how the thought of wandering around in the wilderness with no idea of where my next meal was coming from would be my worst nightmare.

The people in Exodus were not at all happy about their situation. They complained to Moses. In fact they were so upset they wished they were back in Egypt, living as slaves.

Even after seeing all the miracles that God had performed, their current dilemma seemed to overshadow everything that they had experienced in the past and they felt helpless yet again.

How often do we find ourselves in this place? Despite the victories we have won & the battles we have overcome through God's grace we can so easily allow our confidence to be shaken when our flesh starts demanding and our senses start to dominate our lives.

What I love in this passage is the gracious and effortless response of our loving Father. It was never a problem to him. He was not having to come up with a emergency rescue plan. He literally showered the people with his abundant supply. Taking care of their need for each day. All they had to do was have enough faith for the next day. Rest in his grace and believe in his endless supply.
Whatever you face today are you trusting in a God who literally longs to pour out goodness on you?