"Do not let your heart be troubled and do not be afraid." John 14:1
Over this past number of years we have encountered some very challenging situations. In fact at times so painful that for a period of more than a year I couldn't remember what it was like to have normal feelings. Sadness and despair were just what life seemed to be full of. God carried us through this time and looking back I know that he wanted us to know much more of his peace and joy but I realise that at times my meditation was more like worrying!

However there was one area of life that I stopped worrying about altogether and that was finance. We had made a number of investments and then when the economic downturn hit and the housing market crashed we were left in a very unstable position. Due to the fact that so many other areas of our life were chaotic I simply didn't have the capacity or time to worry about this. I made a choice not to think about it and we are now slowing coming out the other side of that particular challenge.
Recently I spoke to someone who had gone through the same situation and they asked me how we had coped, they talked about the many sleepless nights they had suffered and the hours of worry and turmoil. I realised this hadn't happened because I hadn't gone there.

Then I thought about the things I had concerned myself with instead! If only I had taken the same approach in those situations. How different life could have looked.
We are so caught up today with being responsible that we take on burdens & cares we were never supposed to shoulder. We strive for perfection but God already knows we're not perfect and has made provision for that.

Enjoy the life you have been given. Enjoy each day he has made. Don't let Satan steal from you for another minute. Fear is his greatest weapon and God's love will overcome it every time. Meditate today on who he says you are and get a right perspective on every challenge you are facing.