"Let them shout for joy and be glad,Who favor my righteous cause;  And let them say continually,  “Let the LORD be magnified, Who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.” PS 35 vs 27

What is you view of God when it comes to money? We view with suspicion the notion that God wants to bless His people in every area of their lives and that includes money. We get squeamish at that thought. I guess when we see the excess and distortions in some parts of the church it puts us off and we react negatively. For too long though we have bought into the idea that God is the God of just enough. He does not want us to starve but will keep us in place of just enough struggle to keep us focused. This verse turns that notion of God and he works completely upside down.

Think today about a God who delights when you are blessed. A God who is pleased when He see’s His kids doing well and being successful. Just because some people (however well known they are) display immaturity in this area does not change God’s heart for you. Your new covenant of Grace is a generous covenant. I love to think of God causing me to prosper and actually being delighted with it. Religion robs us of that truth. It lowers our expectations that we can only receive in our lives in line with how good we think are.

Change how you see God today. Instead of a Father who withholds from you based on your estimation of your own performance for Him start to see a Father who delights to see His children blessed, prospered and living in fullness. Turn upside down today the view that God is a God of lack. He is not. In everything He does He is beyond generous. And that includes towards you!