"And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work."  2 COR 9:8

Sometimes I struggle when people hurt me. I don’t suppose that I am any different to most people but if I am not careful about what goes on in my mind I magnify the one thing so that it distorts the picture of that person. If i do not make a choice that affects how I relate and how I think about them I am working off the wrong grid and my picture is not the whole truth.

I think this is what happens in terms of prosperity. If we are not careful we get learn a distortion of the truth and begin to accept it as the whole truth. That can lead us into a mess.

The world distorts money in a number of ways and Christians have not been much different. We need to turn some accepted thinking upside down. God wants you to live blessed. Not in lack or in struggle. Religion says that is selfish whereas God says it is for His purpose. It is really hard to provide for someone when you do not have anything to give. We can choose to be selfish but today ask the Lord to show you how to use the blessing that He has already poured in to your life. That is when you start to flow in increase - whenever you see money, time & talents as given to you to shower grace & blessing to your world. The upside down thing about it is that the more you get that view the more you will see in your own life.

Thank God today that He has good works for you to do. You have the chance to impact somebody today for all of eternity. What you do for someone today you do unto Jesus and He never misses a thing. More than that He has supplied what you need to do be that blessing. Don’t hesitate today - go and bless!