“He who has ears to hear, let him hear!” Luke 8:8

Grace taught me to listen.

My wife often tells me that I hear what she says but don’t actually listen to what she is saying. So from that basis I probably wasn’t best predisposed to listen to the goodness and favour Daddy God had for me.

I remember the old analogue televisions that you had to “tune in”, it was all white noise and static until you found the right frequency and then picture and sound would appear. We need to tune in to the voice of our Daddy God and hear that he unconditionally loves us, without fear of being rejected. When we lock on to his undeniable message of goodness and favour we are irrevocably changed.

‘When we rest, God works’ - I've been listening to this phrase over again, not to encourage me to take no thought for my own employment or family responsibilities, but rather to encourage me to stop striving for something God has in control. It was only when I stopped hearing and actively listened that I could understand some of the immeasurable goodness Daddy God has for me.