“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” [Eph 3:20 NLT]

The LORD asked me,” How much do you have?”

I answered, “Not enough.  Not enough to fulfil my dream.”

“Who gave you that dream?”  He asked me again, with that still small voice that touches the soul, in the place between being asleep and awake.

“You Lord,” was my reply.  As the dream I have is to serve Him.

“Then should you not trust in me to supply all that you need?  Just give me the little you have, and I will multiply it to make it enough.”

“Enough for what?”  Was my nervous reply.

“Enough to fulfil my dream for you, which is far bigger than you could ever imagine.”

The song of children for generations then touched my heart.  Two little fishes, five loaves of bread.  Five thousand people by Jesus were fed.  All of this happened when one little lad, gladly gave Jesus all that he had.  All that I have, all that I have, I will give Jesus all that I have.

Your dream may be small and your resources even smaller.    But give the dream and the resources to God today, and He will increase them both.  Trust in the Father who loves and adores you, and do not be afraid to dream big.