"I told you my plans, and you answered. Now teach me your decrees." Psalm 119:25

How often do we tell God about our plans and think that He will just go along with them?  How often do we presume that we actually know what we are doing and forget to ask God for wisdom? 

Prayer is more than talking to God; prayer is also listening.  In prayer we open our spiritual ears and seek our Father’s wisdom and guidance.

The Psalmist told God his own plans, but once God answered he decided to obey Him instead.  I can imagine him in prayer telling God about his hopes and dreams and working out how he was going to make it all happen.  Maybe he wanted to build a mighty army to defend his people from other nations?  Maybe he wanted to create trade agreements with nations to improve the commercial opportunities of his people?  Being a man who feared The Lord, I am sure that those plans were not selfish.

Then that little voice, “have you asked me what I want for you?”

What about you?  Have you asked God what He wants for your life, or are you making decisions and asking Him to bless the results? I ask myself this on a regular basis.  And you know what, when I forget to ask God first I do not always like the answer, . 

Fortunately, God has a way of sorting it all out for me.  He can do it for you too; step in and show you His plans, to bless and to give your life purpose and joy.