I pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will empower you with inner strength through his Spirit.” Eph 3:16 NLT

I dreamt I was fighting a zombie.  No matter what weapon I tried, it did not back down nor die.  Then I awoke and realised that it was not real and that there was no battle to be fought.

The battles we often waste energy in are not ours to fight.  Jesus won the victory for you; all you have to do is trust in Him who has won the battle already.

It is not for me to fight to be patient, but to let The Holy Spirit who has given me patience fill me.  Patience will grow as I let Him fill me and produce His fruit.  The same goes with love and joy.

For too many years I was fighting a battle to be and to act like a loving and patient Christian.  But Jesus won the victory and the Holy Spirit produces the fruit.  I just need to rest in the victory and be filled by the Spirit.

It is a philosophy that pays off big-time. I am going through a family crisis at the minute but I do not have to strive to cope.  I am just resting; knowing that the Holy Spirit has already given me every quality I need to survive.  It is His hope that works in my heart and His dynamic power that keeps my mind at peace.  The battle belongs to The Lord.

No longer fighting zombies that are not real, I am learning to trust the God who is.  What about you?  Are you wasting time trying to fight zombies?