1 John 1:3+4 – “What we have seen and heard we declare to you, so that you and we together may share in a common life, that life which we share with The Father and His Son Jesus Christ.  And we write this in order that the joy of us all may be complete.”

It was not enough for John just to know Jesus; he had a passion to share about his Saviour with the world


I took a look out the window of the church; God asked me, “What do you see?”

I saw bricks and mortar, but He saw sons and daughters.

“What do you see now?” He asked when I looked again.

I answered, “Buildings.”

“That’s not what I see,” He continued.  “I see people, who need to be touched by my love.”

So I took a picture with my phone and decided to paint the view in front of me; but again I heard Him say, “What do you see?”

So I took a pencil then a paint brush and tried to depict what He told me.  I drew the lines of buildings but instead of bricks I put pictures of faces and hearts that are not seen behind closed doors, but to Father God are very visible.  Their names are carved on His heart and He sees their pain.

When you look the homes around you, what do you see?  Do you see the broken heart of the mother who struggles to feed her children?  Do you see the man who struggles at night to resist temptations?  Do you see bricks or do you see people?

Now you see them, open your heart to pray for and to take God’s love to the ones who cry in secret and who need to know that He cares.