1 John 3:1 “How great the love that The Father has shown to us!  We were called God’s children and such we are.”

John knew that he was loved by God and was His child.  From that knowledge came his sense of purpose in life.  That purpose was to know, love and share Jesus. 

As I read through his books, I have to ask myself the questions, do I have purpose in my life and what is it? I will admit that on some days my purpose is just to get through, to survive the daily grind without collapsing in a heap of exhaustion or stress.  My struggle is to get the housework done, but I long to have more energy in order to accomplish something more with my life.

John’s purpose was to live as Christ did, because He loved Him and was daily being changed to be more like Him.  He urged others to obey because they had received God’s love. From the start John was a disciple of Jesus.  He wanted to know Him, to follow Him, and to tell others about Him.

This encourages my heart to take one day at a time and to know that as long as I am living in the knowledge of God’s love for me and seeking to obey Him, I have purpose.  It is not about the big achievements, but in a heart that is given over to His will.

The messages this week have been challenging us to think outside the box and to ask ourselves some important questions.  This is not to condemn or criticise, but rather to encourage us all to be who God has called us to be; His light in a dark world.

Only when we learn to look outside of ourselves and our own needs, will we discover what an amazing adventure our lives where meant to be.  We were made for a great purpose; to know, to love and to obey our Father.  When the people around us see how we live, they too will see His love through us.