But he would withdraw to desolate places and pray. - Luke 5:16

In my Christian walk I have found that there's no such thing as sitting in neutral. We are either growing in the Lord and moving forward or we allow our eyes to magnify the things in front of us and we lose our focus and start drifting.

How do we avoid this and not allow our circumstances to overwhelm us? We can learn from Jesus and how he dealt with life on earth. Jesus was often surrounded by people all demanding his time and attention. He was often unpopular and criticised. Even those closest to him at times misunderstood him. Yet he didn't buckle under the pressure. He was able to stay focused on the goal to which he had been called because he stayed connected to his Heavenly Father.

Our Father is never silent. Everyday as we read his word and meditate on his promises He brings encouragement to our hearts. Whenever we get away from the noise and demands of the day and quiet ourselves we will get a sense of his peace and his presence. When we listen to worship and begin to praise him we will feel our spirits lift and burdens lifting.

So learn from Jesus today. Take time out to be with your Heavenly Father and allow his life to breathe afresh on you today.