And the Lord will continually guide you,and satisfy your soul in scorchedanddry places,and give strength to your bones; Isaiah 58:11a

In times of drought the government will impose a hose pipe ban to conserve water supplies.  During that period gardeners watch their lawns turn an unappealing brown and despairing that they will never be restored to their former glory.  Yet as soon as the rain returns within a matter of days new grass is sprouting through and soon it’s hard to tell that there was nothing but brown earth there a few weeks previously.

I wonder if you are in the middle of a really dry period in your life right now? You feel frustrated and unfulfilled, your heart has been broken or you are grieving over a loss.  You have not been abandoned or thrown on the scrapheap – God is still guiding you, providing for you, watching over your every move. 

Let Him satisfy your inner being in the middle of this drought so that you can see the rain when it comes and be ready for it – ready to see new life, new hope and joy.