“Who satisfies you with good so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s."  - Psalm 103:5

The world is in a battle against the process of aging. Millions of pounds are spent everyday trying to disguise the fact that our bodies are on a slow decline. Our physical bodies were never designed to last forever and as believers in Jesus we know that this life is not the end. In fact it’s only the beginning. However, our life on earth is not about merely getting by and holding on for a new life one day with Jesus. We have been born again and born into an abundant life.

Yes our earthly body will one day wear out but we will find in this life a youthfulness and an energy that defies the accepted norm when we rely on the Holy Spirit and we allow his life and breath to be manifest within us each day.

We can believe for supernatural strength in our bodies and allow our minds to be expanded to believe that as we journey through life we will not go on a steady wind down. The Lord's will is that in each season new experiences and opportunities unfold in which we get to enjoy him, co-labour with him and be part of seeing his kingdom established here on the earth.

Everyday we live with hope. We might not yet see all that we dream of but we are on a path of discovery. Believe for strength and vitality and you'll see that the best is yet to come.