“The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.” - Psalm 103:8

Many of us live our lives with a nagging sense of unworthiness and not quite making the mark. Our eyes become focused on those around us and we magnify all their achievements and great qualities and then measure ourselves against them, we fall short.

The enemy wants to keep us in this prison of comparison as he relentlessly reminds us of our past failings and mistakes to maintain that cycle of defeat.

But praise God that his response to us is mercy and not judgment. Every judgement and accusation was put on Jesus and we now live free from all condemnation.

The Lord's heart is full of grace. He understands us, warts and all! He made us and he's not afraid of our weakness. He has already made provision for it in the death and resurrection of his son and his invitation to us today is to receive his abounding love.

Whatever your situation, remember that the Lord's commitment to you is steadfast. You will not get everything right but that's ok. God is calling you to a relationship where you get to be yourself. He doesn't want you to wear a mask and say all the right things. He wants you to be real with him and as you open up you allow his Spirit to work in all the parts of you life that you struggle with. His love for you is above and beyond what you can imagine and his pursuit of you is relentless.

Rest in his steadfast love today