John 1:29 “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.”

The men who heard this were brought up in a culture that understood what  “Passover Lamb” meant.  This was no lamb that was bought at the butcher’s.  This was a living lamb, bought from the Shepherds and taken into the family.  It was loved and cared for before being taken to the temple to be slaughtered.

Jesus was not an unknown unattached lamb.  These men would spend three years with Him and learn from Him as He taught the scriptures and showed love to many.  One of them, John the brother of James, would stand by as he watched his best friend die painfully in a Roman execution.

Jesus is your Lamb.  He died for you.  He loves you so passionately that He gladly died in your place.  You are not an unknown entity to Him.  You are close up and personal.  You are loved by Him and on His heart.

Today, in your mind’s eye behold The Lamb of God who died for you and who has taken away your sin.  Wow, because of His love, we are washed clean, announced as not guilty; because the penalty was handed out to Him instead.

If you know Jesus this is worth celebrating.  If you do not know Him; ask Him today to take away the guilt and penalty for every sin; for he loves you deeply and waits for you to call on Him as your lamb