Jhn 1:12 NLT But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God..

When we follow Jesus and become the children of God, He becomes our big brother.  There is a strong bond of belonging.  He loves us deeply.  That means He is totally committed to us and will always be there to look out for us.  He will stand up for us against the accuser who attacks us with shame and guilt.

I grew up as an only child, but I saw others who had big brothers and sisters.  They would fight with each other, yet if the younger were in any trouble it was their older sibling who would look out for them.  There was a bond, a deep sense of belonging between them.

I now have 2 grown up children of my own.  They have had their squabbles over the years, but I see that bond between them.  It does my heart good to see them get along; and it breaks it when they do not.  I know that they will have their differences, but also that they will always be family.

No disagreement will ever nullify their relationship with each other or with me.  No wrong decision, nor sin, will ever nullify that relationship that you have with Jesus.  He is your big brother and will always be so.  He could no more deny you than himself.

Take a moment to ponder this reality.  You have the best big brother ever, who will always have your back and will never stop loving you, no matter what.  That means so much to me,with Jesus as my big brother I will never be alone or have to face life without His help.

Of course you do realise that makes us family. We are brothers and sisters, so I wonder, “How do we treat each other?”