John 14:6 – Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the life, no-one comes to The Father, but through me.”

This verse helped me to understand the gospel and led me to ask Jesus as my Saviour; The One who died in my place, who brought me new life and a home in heaven.

One of my favourite movie franchises is The Matrix.  For those who do not know, Neo is a man caught in a virtual world inside a computer.  He is the man, who has been destined to rescue people from this place, called The Matrix. Neo is a fictional character in a movie, but a good illustration of the gospel.  The title given to Neo is THE ONE.

Jesus is THE ONE, who came to our world to rescue us from sin and judgement.  Unlike Neo, He is no fictional character written for the movie screen to entertain.  He is truth and reality.  He is a real historical figure.

He is THE ONE way to The Father; not one of many.  He is THE ONE who paid the price on the cross in full; not a little so that we have to make up the difference by our good works.  He is THE ONE true Son of God to bring us into the family of God.  He is THE ONE who cares about us and who understands our struggles.

THE ONE WHO WALKED IN THE FLAMES, THE ONE WHO WEPT IN THE GARDEN, THE ONE WHO CARRIED THE CROSS, THE ONE WHO CALMED THE SEA, THE ONE WHO WALKED ON WATER, THE ONE WHO CHANGES LIVES TODAY  -  He is THE ONE for you, whom you can depend on and will never leave you to face life alone.  Have you asked Him to rescue you?