And He put all things under His feet, and gave Him to be head over all things to the church 

Eph 1 16-20

Yesterday we talked about how the power of God in your life is rooted in His love. God wants us to develop our understanding of what His power means for us. Power gives you authority to bring about changes in your life & circumstances. Powerless people cannot change anything.

The issue is that many of us feel powerless at times when we are faced with life and what it can throw at us. Today you may be feeling like everything else has the power over you and you are only hoping to get through. The Greek word for authority is exousia and the definition is “the right to control, command or determine” . You have no power in and of yourself to determine the course of each day, but you have delegated power from God available to you right now which does equip you to bring about positive change into your life.

Everything that you are facing today and will come across is subject to Jesus. His name is higher, greater & stronger. The Bible says ALL things are under His feet. That means ALL with nothing left out. Furthermore the authority (ability to control, command or determine) has been given to you through the Holy Spirit. We must learn to walk in that authority but the truth is we must start to acknowledge that He is greater!

Let your confession today be positive. Start to speak the truth that nothing is greater than Jesus. Use your authority to speak truth and today you will sow the seeds of blessing & transformation.

You are blessed!