"The Lord will not forsake His people for His great names’ sake, for it has pleased Him to make you a people for Himself" 1 Samuel 12:22

A couple of years ago I changed jobs and moved into a completely new area of which I had little previous experience.  For quite a few months I felt at sea and wondered if I had made the right decision.  Two years down the line I’m much more confident and assured because I gained experience and skill in my job role.

When we encounter new situations – positive and negative – it’s easy to feel cast adrift, forsaken and alone. The people of Israel were afraid when Samuel spoke to them.  They had asked for a king, knowing God’s desire was that they should have no king but him.  He had, however, granted their request and Saul was now their ruler.  Would God punish them, or forget them now? The resounding answer was “No!” They were still His people and He would never turn His back on them.

Perhaps you are stepping into something new this week – a new job, a new relationship, a new home – you’re not stepping out alone.  Don’t give in to anxiety and feat that robs your joy – but step out boldly confident in the knowledge that you’re not alone!