"Jesus wept"John 11 vs 35

When I was young and in Sunday school, this verse was a favourite amongst my friends. Why? Well, when we were ever challenged by the teacher to recite a verse, inevitably someone would proudly stand up and say "Jesus wept”! Cue giggles all round.

The shortest verse in the Bible isn't hard to remember, but it reveals a lot about the love He has for us. Jesus had been asked to go and visit Lazarus. When Jesus arrived, Lazarus had been dead for four days and his friends were weeping and mourning his passing.  Yet even though Jesus knew He was about to perform an amazing miracle and bring Lazarus back from the dead, he still shed tears with his friends as he shared in their grief and pain.

This shows us the love and compassion our Lord has for us as we face difficult situations. Our God is not a cold distant God who is so great and powerful that our problems aren't important to Him. He is always with us, He cares for us, and feels compassion and sorrow when we are hurting. Jesus sacrificed his all for us so we could be made whole - spirit and body.

This week, remember that God cares deeply about your situation, and rest in the knowledge that you are forever loved.